Nail Biting Habit

Nail biting, also known as onychophagy  is an oral compulsive habit. It is a common stress-relieving habit. You may bite your nails in times of stress or excitement, or in times of boredom or inactivity. It can also be a learned behavior from family members.

For starters, biting your nails can raise the risk of catching a cold or other illness because you’re putting your unwashed hands in your mouth. It can also raise the risk of paronychia, or infection of the skin surrounding the nail, says Rochelle Torgerson, M.D., Ph.D., a dermatologist at the Mayo Clinic.

When you bite your nails, those bacteria end up in your mouth and gut, where they can cause gastro-intestinal infections that lead to diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Nail Biting usually starts at age 3 or 4, and 45% of adolescents are nail biters, but the prevalence of nail biting decreases as an individual ages. ( National Center for Biotechnology information).

However, for clients who bite their nails, the symptoms are easy to spot: nails tend to be abnormally short and uneven, cuticles may be absent or ragged, nail folds may be in varying stages of healing and splinter hemorrhages (longitudinal black thin lines in the nail that look like splinters) are often present says Stern, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center


As a Salon we can offer a few options for nail biter:

–  Apply short enhancements to help to break a habit,

– Apply a special coating, at My Nail Couture we use ORLY No Bite coating that has a bitter-flavored deterrent,

– Apply base coat, that rather think and makes it very difficult to bite. We’ve been successful in using Kodi and ANS base coat to break a nail biting habit of a client.


Let’s talk about Pedicure

there are few different way to make you feet look nice and smooth.

  1. Clay mask. Clay mask can take dirt in the cracks of dry skin and be washed off. It does two things: it will keep the hydrating, softening ingredients on the skin for up to 10 minutes; second, many mask rely on heat, which activates the ingredients to work better
  2. Slough and Scrub. Ingredients like fruit extracts, citric acids or other exfoliating agents work with moisturizing to remove dry skin and moisturize what remains. Sloughing lotion has a satisfying effect because it appears as though tons of dead skin being removed from the dry area

3. Peel. Ingredients in peel work to soften dead skin cells and break down the molecular bond that hold the dry cells together so the skin will shed.

  1. Electric File. Sometimes, dry, dead skin needs to be removed, not just softened. An electric file allows techs to remove rough, stubborn areas. It’s a safe, effective option to remove the dead cells using various degree of abrasion
  2. Paraffin. It is a by-product of petroleum, and for that reason some people shy away from its use. However, paraffin effectively provides relief from rough heels because the moisturizing properties of the emollient remain on the surface of the skin even after the wax is removed.


We at My Nail Couture specializing at Electric File pedicure. This procedure cost $40 and leaves your heals smooth and soft also Paraffin treatment is very popular at $10 per procedure.

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